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EV4: Educator Symposium (Ticketed)

October 30 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Combined Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Educators Workshop

Topic: “Say Hi to AI: Exploring the Role of AI in Periodontal Education”

Description: Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in devices that are programmed to perform specific tasks. AI is currently widely used in various capacities in the dental field including diagnostic imaging analysis, teledentistry, dental record management, computer-guided surgery, navigation, and research data analysis. As technology continues to advance, AI is becoming increasingly relevant in shaping the future of dental education. This workshop will explore the transformative impact of AI on dental education from both the learner and the educator’s perspectives, and on clinical periodontal practices, how to incorporate it into teaching methodologies, and clinical periodontics and implant dentistry.

Objectives and Goals

Educational Objectives:
• Understand the foundational concepts of AI and its applications in the dental field.
• Examine the uses of AI by dental educators to screen applications, analyze educational data, assess student performance, and provide insights for continuous improvement in curriculum design and delivery.
• Discuss the ethical implications of integrating AI in dental education and explore the limitations of AI.
• Learn how AI learning algorithms can enhance clinical periodontal practice through analysis of radiographic findings, assisting in diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical interventions, and generating patient-specific tailored documentation.

• Introduce the foundational concepts of AI and its applications in the dental field.
• Empower the educators with the ability to use this futuristic tool and make them aware of its limitations.

Moderators: Drs. Lea Hachem and Philip Kang

CE hours: 6

Thank you to Philips Oral Health Care for sponsoring this year’s Educator Symposium.


October 30
9:00 am - 4:00 pm